Thursday, March 1, 2012


For my first post, I’d like to tell you a little about myself, explain my site ‘theme’ and set the stage for future entries.  I am a Clinical Dietitian here at Sunnybrook and first discovered blogging during my Masters in Nutrition Communications.  I consider myself a communicator, teacher, learner, sister, friend, snowboarder, music lover, dancer, chatterbox and… BLOGGER!!!  :D  I am really excited to get started!  Hopefully I can capture and hold the attention of some of you for at least a few posts! ;) 

Although I am a dietitian, this blog will not solely focus on healthy eating.  Food is a huge part of all of our lives.  At times when eating, we cannot help but indulge in delectable dishes and desserts without a care or concern beyond taste.  On the other hand, we are frequently tempted to analyze and inquire as to the recipe, ingredients and nutrient content.  Often, you can’t have one counterpart without the other- we sometimes need nutritious and delicious! So, it’s the ‘recipe’, or analytical, approach that I’ll try to focus on, but keep in mind that the scrumptious side may occasionally come out too!  

Please note that the intent of this blog is not to provide individual advice, but general food and nutrition ‘tips and tricks’.  


  1. Thank you so much for the great tips on substituting fats and sugar! Looking forward to your next post!

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