Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Calorie Counts

McDonald’s recently announced that their U.S. restaurants would now show the calorie content of menu items.  This is a voluntary initiative being implemented ahead of possible regulation requiring chains with more than 20 locations to post calorie information that may take effect early next year.  

Will this unavoidable information and awareness encourage healthier choices by the U.S. population? The president of McDonald’s USA believes this strategy will help educate customers, but not alter choices.  Personally, I’m not sure what effect this initiative will have. I suppose I’m an optimist and a believer in the powers of knowledge and education.  It seems logical.  Essentially, these calorie counts are like a nutrition label.  Is there not evidence supporting the widespread regulation of such labels?  And if someone makes a choice or a change from even a Big Mac to a McChicken, saving 190 calories (and 13g of fat) isn’t that a move in the right direction, regardless of whether that decision was made based on knowledge or guilt?  Something to think about…

FYI- Here's a link to an article discussing this topic.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old to New

I came across an article when I was clicking away on my laptop the other night and couldn’t help but think about perspective.  It’s really just interpretation… glass half empty vs. glass half full, imagination vs. reality, tragedy vs. comedy, sport vs. ferocity.   Here are some clever new interpretations of household kitchen items.  Hopefully you’ll be as charmed as I was when I came across them. :) 

Plastic Easter eggs or snack containers
Keep snacks from being crushed by reusing plastic easter eggs as containers. 
PS.  This will help you portion size too!

Turkey baster or watering device
Use your turkey baster to easily switch and refill the water in a vase full of flowers without the hassle and mess.

Wine box or storage bin
The size of the space allotted to each bottle of wine perfectly fits flats and sandals and will prevent precious footwear from being squished.

Ketchup bottle or pancake dispensers
Get the most out of your batter and the shape you intended for your delicious breakfast by reusing old ketchup bottles as pancake mix dispensers.

Lifesavers or candleholders
Lay a Lifesaver flat on a cupcake or piece of cake to ensure your candles stand up nice and straight (and your cake doesn’t have the melted waxy flavor added in there!).

Colander or new-and-improved ice bucket
Avoid the pool of water in the bottom of your ice bucket by replacing it with a colander.

Cooking spray or shoveling aid
Try spraying your shovel with cooking spray to prevent ice buildup on your shovel in the winter. 
(I know, I know... too soon!)

FYI: Here’s the clever site

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


''Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting.  It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.'' -Guy Beringer, 1895

Back in 1895, Beringer was onto something, especially when it comes to Sunday brunch!

Here are some photos of a recent brunch out that followed a morning of sunscreen and strolling.

The Indulgence
Crunchy French toast with orange infused
honey and whipped brown sugar butter

The Wise Choice
Egg white frittata with smokey guajillo chilies,
tomatoes, mushrooms, arugula, goats cheese and parmesan

Healthier items (à la “wise choice”) may not always be apparent, so think of ways to modify choices into healthier options. 

Here are some tips:

o   Try to include 3 out of the 4 food groups (as outlined in the Food Guide)
o   Choose whole grains
o   Opt for egg whites instead of whole eggs
o   Use margarine or even peanut butter instead of regular butter on toast
o   Be mindful of sides or sauces, like the butter and honey served with the French toast
o   Save some for later to make the deliciousness last and spread out the calories!
o    If you’re cooking at home, make extra.  Reheating in the toaster or microwave can save you time during the week. 
o   Don’t forget to include fruits and veggies