Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old to New

I came across an article when I was clicking away on my laptop the other night and couldn’t help but think about perspective.  It’s really just interpretation… glass half empty vs. glass half full, imagination vs. reality, tragedy vs. comedy, sport vs. ferocity.   Here are some clever new interpretations of household kitchen items.  Hopefully you’ll be as charmed as I was when I came across them. :) 

Plastic Easter eggs or snack containers
Keep snacks from being crushed by reusing plastic easter eggs as containers. 
PS.  This will help you portion size too!

Turkey baster or watering device
Use your turkey baster to easily switch and refill the water in a vase full of flowers without the hassle and mess.

Wine box or storage bin
The size of the space allotted to each bottle of wine perfectly fits flats and sandals and will prevent precious footwear from being squished.

Ketchup bottle or pancake dispensers
Get the most out of your batter and the shape you intended for your delicious breakfast by reusing old ketchup bottles as pancake mix dispensers.

Lifesavers or candleholders
Lay a Lifesaver flat on a cupcake or piece of cake to ensure your candles stand up nice and straight (and your cake doesn’t have the melted waxy flavor added in there!).

Colander or new-and-improved ice bucket
Avoid the pool of water in the bottom of your ice bucket by replacing it with a colander.

Cooking spray or shoveling aid
Try spraying your shovel with cooking spray to prevent ice buildup on your shovel in the winter. 
(I know, I know... too soon!)

FYI: Here’s the clever site


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