Monday, July 23, 2012

Bottoms Up!

It has been scorching out there lately! Personally, I love the heat! I am constantly trying to convince some colleagues to join me for lunch outside (but rarely have any takers!).  One thing you won’t see me without, especially this past month, is my water bottle.  It’s a massive, holds 1L, dually serves as a dumbbell, and is my constant companion.  

Here are some hydration facts:

1.     We need about 9-12 cups (2.2-3L) of fluid intake every day.
2.     Hot, humid weather and activity increase fluid needs
3.     Fluids that keep you hydrated include:
o   Water
o   Milk
o   Juice
o   Coffee or tea
4.     Foods, such as soups, fruit and popsicles also contain hydrating fluids. Anything that melts at room temperature counts!
5.     Signs and Symptoms of dehydration include:
o    Thirst
o    Dry lips and mouth
o    Dark, strong smelling urine
o    Dizziness
o    Fainting
o    Irritability

Follow these tips to stay hydrated during this sweltering summer.

1.     Drink a cup of fluid right when you wake up or just before bed.
2.     Keep a glass of fluid or bottle of water on your desk.
3.     Carry a container of fluid with you.
4.     Drink a glass of fluid before each meal.
5.     Listen to your body… Don’t ignore thirst!
6.     Drink before, during, and after exercise.
7.     Check urine colour- pale yellow urine is an indicator that you’re well hydrated.
8.     Consider sport drinks if you’re intensely exercising for over an hour in hot, humid weather. 

Drink up!

Adapted from: Dietitians of Canada.  2012.  Guidelines for Staying Hydrated. 


  1. Still loving your blog! These summer updates have been coming in handy! I think we all deserve a nice 1L bottle filled with water or other liquids for ages 19+ ;). Happy tanning everyone!

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